CFG Critique: Famous Photographer part Deux

Step 1: Get together in your CFGs and pull up the Famous Photographer photos you made last week. All of the work that was turned in last week is up now on the website.

Step 2: Each person should be able to answer these questions about each photo in your CFG. Write down the group’s thinking on each of these questions for each of your photos. Post the answers in a google doc and turn it into Google Classroom. Critiques are due on Tuesday.

1What aspect of the famous photographer’s work did the student photographer focus on for their series?  How does the famous photographer’s influence show up in the student’s photography? What lessons can you see that they learned from their famous photographer? What is the photographer trying to say with these photos?

2. Overall, what could be done to make this photo stronger?

Each person turn in a copy of their group’s answers to the above questions

CFG Critique – Famous – James – Renee Burri

Renee Burri

James’ take on Burri’s work

James on Burri’s influence:

During this project I learned that it adds more to your photos when you get physically close instead of depending on a zoom lens. I also learned it’s not wrong to break the “rules” after a while, you have to “kill your mentor” to grow as a photographer. Taking candid photos is not always the right way to go, sometimes people will tell their own story when they know you’re there instead of getting a picture of them looking upset or spaced out, they may be a happy person. I learned that you don’t take pictures, you make them, and that you need to find pictures no one’s thinking about. Visualizing your pictures before you take them is helpful, as well as looking at the composition rather than the subject.

Today’s Warm Up: A Beginners Guide to Low Key Photography.

After reading the instructions contained in the above link, answer the following questions using complete sentences.

What is low key photography? According to the tutorial, what are the best settings to have your camera set to in order to get a good, low-key image? What should the ISO be set to? According to the tutorial, how many lights is suitable for a low key image?

Today’s Warm Up: Beginners Guide to Shooting Low Key Lighting–photo-3427

After reading the above tutorial, answer the following questions using complete sentences.

Next week’s photo challenge with Contrast with Low Key Lighting. What’s one way to get a low key lighting image? What is Chiaroscuro and how does it fit into low key images? What kind of ISO do you want to do with a low key image? Do we have all the things we need to shoot a low key image here at HHS? What equipment would you need to get this look at home?

Today’s Warm Up: Child’s Drawings Turned into Realistic Imaginings of Animals, Cars and People

After viewing the photos contained in the link above, answer the following questions using complete sentences.

How did the photographer convert the childhood drawing into the final picture? What process did they go through to create these images? Where do you think these ideas come from? What ideas do you get from your own work?