To Do List for 5/15


  1. View the post on Home: More Research Needed
  2. Sketch and research out ideas for your Home Diptych assignment
    1. Images were due on Friday. No one has completed all five diptychs that truly tackle the issue of homelessness.
    2. Our images will be on display at New Season on May 20th and May 21st!
  3. Next Assignment: Magazine Reporting. Make a photo series with a write up based on what you would like to feature in a magazine type layout. 5 images and a written piece, under 1200 words.

Home Diptych – More Research Needed

I think part of what we are dealing with the Home Diptych and a lack of ideas, can be traced to a lack of research on the issue. Here then, are a few bits of research from the AP Packet I included on the original assignment post.

Exhibit A.


Exhibit B.


How are your feelings different now that you know this?

How is art used to combat a real problem in the video above?

How about Documentary Photography

Think about the problem above. How would be able to use photography to shine light on this problem? If you cannot photograph homeless people or homeless camps, how can you symbolically show this issue?