Strong’s Farewell Letter


Strong’s Farewell Letter

This is it, the last day of AP Photo! Please take a few minutes and come up with a few paragraphs about your overall experience in this class.  Tell me a memory, a feeling, the best thing you learned, your favorite project, best moments in class. What made these moments possible? What are your overall impressions of this class? How are you feeling on this last day in here?

Also, if you could give one piece of advice to next year’s  AP Photo students what would that be?

Post these answers into the provided Google Doc on Google Classroom.

Have a great Summer!

To Do List for 6/9


  1. Complete the CCTE Exit Survey and turn in the screenshot of the thank you screen.
  2. Work on the Magazine Reporting Project.. Make a photo series with a write up based on what you would like to feature in a magazine type layout. 5 images and a written piece, under 1200 words.
    1. Due on June 8th for Seniors. – THURSDAY.
    2. June 20th for everyone else.
    3. This will be your final exam.

Required for all CCTE Exit Survey

After you complete this survey, you will take a screen shot with the snipping tool. Search for it by searching in Cortana with the phrase ‘snip.’

Make a screenshot of the thank you screen at the end of the survey. The thank you screen might be an Advertisement. You would not see this until after you have completed the survey. Please complete the entire survey, write in complete sentences. This will count the same as one photo challenge, so put the effort you would put into the photo challenge into this survey.

Your feedback gives CCTE courses like this one valuable data with which to improve.