To Do List for 2/27


Learning Targets:

  • I know which Choose five different ideas from the website for the sampler mini concentration.
  • I know how I will turn those ideas into actual photos.

Step by Step:

  1. Sign up for your AP Portfolio Submission Account. – Try it now, should work.
  2. Shoot for this week’s mini concentration. Five Sampler Platter
    1. You’ll pick your favorite idea and that will be the subject of your next mini concentration.


To Do List for 2/26


Learning Targets:

  • Shoot for What We Miss Mini Concentration.

Step by Step:

  1. Sign up for your AP Portfolio Submission Account. – Wait until we get some errors fixed.
  2. Choose which five themes you will shoot for  this week’s mini concentration.Five Sampler Platter
    1. Choose five themes.
    2. Shoot for five different ideas.
    3. When you have shot all five images, choose one of the ideas to do your next mini concentration on.
    4. Five Photos are due on March 8th.


Next Week’s Assignment: Five Concentration Sampler


A Sampler Platter: Like this, but with photos.

Step 1: Using this link, choose five of these ideas to photograph.

Step 2: Edit the way you would ordinarily edit.

Step 3: Turn in five photos of five different ideas. =Five images total.

Step 4: Choose one of these five to do your next mini concentration on.

Step 5: Label Each Photo with the name of the idea you chose





IMG_1288IMG_1353IMG_1359IMG_2550untitled (1 of 1)

Modern Diet/processed food
Architecturel models
The lie of the icon
Urban sprawl
Opening a can of preserved fruit
NOTE: After submitting your five different themes, you will choose one of them to do your NEXT mini concentration on.

Reflection #2 – Your Choice Mini Concentration

For your reflection this week, post the answers to the following questions to the reflections page  of your portfolio website.

Answer questions in paragraph form. Reflection should be at least two chunky paragraphs.

  1. What technique did you use across all five photos?
  2. How did you choose the technique you chose?
  3. How did the ideas for your pictures change from the beginning of shooting your series to the end?
  4. How close to your original idea did you get to?
  5. Does the viewer get an idea of what significance the technique you chose signifies in your photos?
  6. What could you do better if you had a chance to do this again?
  7. What did you learn about yourself as a photographer as a result of completing this project?

Post this reflection on to your reflections page of your portfolio website and turn in a link to this reflection into Google Classroom.