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Are we ever going to do the assignment where we recreate album covers?

Also what’s the best Pink Floyd album and why is it Animals? (teehee)

Dear Christian,

Thanks to John Lennon & Paul Mccartney, I haven’t listened to popular music in quite some time. It was the song ‘Piggies’ than made me turn my fuzzy paw away from rock and roll. And the jokes about pork and crazy people just gave a bad scent to my snout.

These days the only kind of music I like it Miles Davis’s Porgy and Bess. Afterall, it’s only letter away from Porky.

As for the album cover, that’s up to Mr. Strong, who can be flighty when it comes to giving the same photo challenge over and over again.

Always choose chicken over pork.



Christopher Pig



Devin Writes:

Is he a felon?


Dear Devin,

As far as myself and felonies go, let us say that if it is a crime to love a person if you are a pig, then let me be guilty, for Mr. Strong and I formed a lifelong bond when he rescued me from certain pork chopitude in deepest Savannah, GA.

Ever since then, we have never left each other’s side. Except for afternoons, evenings, weekends, and extended holidays. Now that I think of it. Mr. Strong has spent every vacation with his family instead of with his old friend Christopher, so no Devin, I haven’t committed a felony, but if jealousy is a crime, than I am most certainly guilty. As a matter of fact I am not speaking to Mr. Strong for the rest of the day.

Forever yours,

Christopher Pig.


Rowan Writes:

What would some good recommendations for subjects be when concerning low key lighting? I need some inspiration. “That’ll do, Pig.”

Dear Rowan,

When it comes to photography, I usually let Mr. Strong be the expert, and after Devin’s letter, I’m not speaking to him, but I think he’d like close ups, a portrait, a bright object in a darker place stands out even more. If I had the strength to operate the strobes, I’d cover someone’s face in makeup or dust or dirt, use texture in some way. You know what, Devin’s letter still doesn’t change the fact that Strong is my friend, we’re kind of the same person you know, even though I’m a pig. But don’t tell Strong that, his wife is out of town this weekend and I want to see Lily and Zoe, I hope they are nice to me, I have a huge cut on my head Mr. Strong has been negligent of, I hope I don’t get a staph infection.

Yours in photography, Not.

Christopher Pig